2014 playlist

As is my tradition, here’s a collection of stuff I’ve been listening to this year.

Travel affected my listening habits in rather unexpected ways.  Sadly, I never did glean off any music during my West Africa trip that I could identify and search upon my return, beyond a bit of highlife and Ghanaian variants of the “al-Qaeda” dance.  Instead, in my panic to re-learn French before heading to Togo and Benin, I ended up listening to a lot of French-Canadian music.  That in turn led me to dig a bit through more Canadian music in general, regardless of language.  It’s pretty great.  It also let me jam a lot to whatever I could recognise on the radio during the Quebec roadtrip.  Whoo.

The list below doesn’t feature everything I’ve been listening to, nor is it limited to music released in 2014. It does veer away from this year’s hype machine a bit, but it’s music that I feel deserves a few sentences of attention.

Here’s a YouTube playlist of all the linked tracks.

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2013 playlist

Yes, this is mainly a travel blog, but I’m allowed non-travel entries! 😛

This has been my most sedentary year in recent memory. While I’d have preferred otherwise (and in fact, it will be in 2014), being in one place has given me the chance to stay more in the loop with music and live shows. So, keeping with my annual tradition that I started somewhere else, here’s what I’ve been listening to this year!  Each section is in alphabetical order.  (And since this is a travel blog and I’ve got all these flag images lying around, might as well use ’em…)

Here’s a playlist of every linked track below. All links are on YouTube.
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